Meat and Seafood Transport Vehicles

A meat transport vehicle is a vehicle used for transporting meat and/or seafood for human consumption.

Under the Meat Industry Act 1993, all vehicles transporting meat and/or seafood for human consumption must be licensed by PrimeSafe.

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New applications can be made online or by downloading an application form. The online form is for new applications only and cannot be used to renew an existing licence. To renew your existing licence, follow the instruction in the received renewal letter. Online applications require payment by credit card (MasterCard and Visa only). A surcharge of 0.35% of the total fee payable will apply.

What if I want to sell at a farmers' market?

At present, there is no licence category that permits the roadside sale of fresh meat and meat products from a vehicle or purpose built mobile facility. Local councils are responsible for the regulatory management of farmers’ markets and roadside in Victoria. Your business may need a PrimeSafe Meat Transport Vehicle licence. Click for further information.

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PrimeSafe have produced a brochure on meat transport vehicle applications and renewals in English, Chinese Simplified, Vietnamese and Arabic.

Meat Transport Vehicle licence information

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