Do You Need a Licence?

Let us guide you to the PrimeSafe licence(s) you need.

Let us guide you

You need a PrimeSafe licence to process meat or seafood when it’s your main activity. There are different licences for different business activities.  Our licences cover growing, harvesting, slaughtering, processing, transporting and selling. Your business may need more than one licence.


You don’t need a PrimeSafe licence when the meat and seafood products are produced and eaten at the same premises (such as restaurants, schools and public events). You don’t need a PrimeSafe licence to sell pre-packaged meat at a farmer’s market.  Get a registration or permit from your local council.  However you do need a PrimeSafe licence if you are packaging the meat or seafood yourself.


Follow the steps to find out what PrimeSafe licence you need.

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