Seafood Retailer Licence

What you need to know about a Seafood Retailer licence.


  • In Victoria you need a Seafood Retailer licence to sell seafood.
  • A seafood retailer business mainly sells seafood for human consumption. This can be from a fixed shop, vehicle or boat.
  • Seafood retailers can also wholesale up to one tonne of product each week. This is on top of your retail sales without the need to upgrade your licence.
  • You do not need a licence to sell bait.

What you can do with a Seafood Retailer licence

Get a Seafood Retailer licence to:

  • sell seafood from a retail shop
  • sell less than 50 tonnes of seafood through wholesale sales each year from a retail shop
  • process and store seafood mainly for retail sale
  • sell seafood from a fixed shop, vehicle or boat.

PrimeSafe issues this licence under the Seafood Safety Act 2003.

What you can’t do with a Seafood Retailer licence

You cannot:

Standards and guidelines that apply

Victorian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (VSQAP)

This manual covers the food standards for businesses harvesting bivalve shellfish for human consumption.