Who requires a PrimeSafe Licence?

Under the Meat Industry Act 1993 and the Seafood Safety Act 2003, all meat processing facilities and seafood businesses in Victoria require a licence issued by PrimeSafe in order to operate.

PrimeSafe licence conditions require facilities to comply with relevant Australian and Victorian standards that apply to each licence category. PrimeSafe determines licence categories. Use the following link to see if you need a licence and what type.

Do I need a licence?

PrimeSafe licence categories

Click through for more information on each of the PrimeSafe licence categories, including how to apply, standards & guidelines and fees & charges.

How do I apply for a licence?

There are three ways to apply for a PrimeSafe licence:

  1. Fill out the application form in the PrimeSafe Licensee Portal; or
  2. Download the application form, print it and email it to You can download each licence form by clicking the categories above; or
  3. Fill in the form at from the PrimeSafe office.

What do I need to do before I apply?

Before you apply, ensure your premises and equipment are fit for purpose, in a good state of repair, able to be cleaned and sanitised effectively. You will also need to develop a written food safety program. More information about getting starting is available here.

Who can apply for a PrimeSafe licence?

An individual person, a partnership or a company can apply to hold a PrimeSafe licence. In the application, you will need to nominate an operator or in the case of a meat and seafood transport vehicle, a contact person.

  • Where the applicant is a company, the operator must be an officer of the company.
  • Where the applicant is a partnership, the operator must be a partner.
  • Where the applicant is a person, the operator must be that person.

How long is my PrimeSafe licence valid for and how do I renew it?

Your PrimeSafe licence must be renewed each year to ensure that it remains current. Significant penalties may apply to those who operate without a licence.

Licence Periods and Renewals

How does PrimeSafe ensure compliance?

PrimeSafe’s main objective is to ensure the safety of all meat and seafood products for consumers. PrimeSafe utilises a number of compliance, surveillance and monitoring programs to achieve this objective.

Compliance Programs

What if I want to sell at a farmers' market?

Local councils are responsible for the regulatory management of farmers’ markets and roadside in Victoria. Your business may need a PrimeSafe Meat Transport Vehicle licence. Click for further information.

Farmers Markets

When do I need to update PrimeSafe on changes to my business?

If you currently have a PrimeSafe licence, it is important to keep your details up to date with PrimeSafe. Find out what details you need to keep up to date with PrimeSafe.

Changes to my business

How do I find a PrimeSafe licensed business?

Click through to search for all PrimeSafe licensed facilities.

Licence Search