Seafood Processing Facility Licences

What you need to know about Seafood Wholesale, Seafood Processor, and Seafood Further Processor licences.


  • The law requires your business to have a licence to wholesale or process seafood to sell. 
  • There are three different licenses. The level of seafood processing determines which licence you need.
  • You only need one of these Seafood Processing Facility licences.  

What Seafood Processing Facility licence to get

Apply for the licence for the highest level of processing you want to do.

You only need to get one licence.

Get a Seafood Wholesale licence if you want to:

  • store and sell seafood mostly to other businesses (wholesale)
  • store and sell more than 50 tonnes of seafood to the public (retail) each year. 

A Seafood Wholesale Licence is for the lowest level of seafood processing. This is storing, chilling and freezing only.

Get a Seafood Processor licence if you want to:

  • fillet, shuck, head, gut, or skin, as well as chill, freeze and/or pack seafood to sell.

Get a Seafood Further Processor licence if you want to:

  • can, cook, dry, smoke, cure, add processing ingredients, mince, or blend seafood to sell.

A Seafood Further Processor licence is for the highest level of seafood processing.

As an example, if you want to skin, fillet and freeze AND smoke and cure, get the Seafood Further Processor licence only. If you want to shuck, pack and chill, get the Seafood Processor Licence only.

PrimeSafe issues these licenses under the Seafood Safety Act 2003.

You do NOT need a PrimeSafe licence if you only handle the following species LIVE:

  • fin fish
  • abalone
  • rock lobsters
  • yabbies.

You cannot transport meat or seafood with a Seafood Processing Facility licence (get a Meat Transport Vehicle licence).

Standards and guidelines that apply

Victorian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (VSQAP)

This manual covers the food standards for businesses harvesting bivalve shellfish for human consumption.