Why you are audited, how to get an auditor and how PrimeSafe can help you comply.


  • Audits check if you are meeting the standards that ensure food safety. 
  • All licensed meat and seafood processing facilities are audited.
  • You must have a contract with a PrimeSafe approved third party auditor.
  • The number of audits each year is based on your business type.
  • PrimeSafe can help you meet your licence requirements.

Audits and your licence 

Audits show that the food you are handling and processing is safe to eat.

To get a PrimeSafe licence, you must have a contract with a PrimeSafe approved auditor. The auditor is independent of you and independent of PrimeSafe. They are a ‘third-party’. 

Your licence type sets out the number of times you will be audited each year. It will depend on the type of food processing you are doing and the risk to food safety. The greater the assessed risk, the greater the number of audits required.

You pay your third-party auditor for the audits they perform.

Check your licence type to see how many times you need to be audited at About your licence.

Your first audit

Your third-party auditor must audit your food safety program within seven days of your business starting to operate for most licence types. 

If your food safety program is not compliant, your third-party auditor will tell us that a major or critical non-conformance has been raised.

Non-conformance or failing an audit

Non-conformance means you have not met the required standards. 

There are three types of non-conformances: 

  1. Minor non-conformance.  A low-risk situation. There is little or no risk to meat or seafood safety. You need to address the problem by the next audit.
  2. Major non-conformance. A potential high-risk situation.  Meat or seafood safety is at risk if no action is taken within a the time period given to you.
  3. Critical non-conformance. A high risk-situation. You need to take immediate action to prevent serious risk to meat or seafood safety. 

When there is a major non-conformance, your third-party auditor may conduct another audit within seven days to check that all issues have been fixed. You will pay the auditor for this extra audit.

If it is a critical non-conformance, PrimeSafe will tell you what action you must take.

Find a third party auditor

Contract one of these auditors to be your third-party auditor. 

BSI Group ANZ Pty Ltd

Suite 3, Level 6, 412 St Kilda Road
Melbourne VIC 3004

Contact: Kin Wong
(02) 8877 7199

DQS Certification AUSNZ Ltd

Level 3, 480 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Contact: Ms Katarina Aleksijevic
(03) 8804 4940

SGS Australia Pty Ltd

Unit 10, 585 Blackburn Road
Notting Hill VIC 3168

Contact: Ms Belinda Moutsos
(03) 9574 3269

These auditors are Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) accredited.