Inedible Rendering Facility Licence

What you need to know about an Inedible Rendering licence.


  • The law requires you to have a licence to render inedible meat and offal for sale.
  • An inedible rendering facility is a facility that processes inedible meat and offal by rendering it (heating/drying) into products that cannot be eaten by people.

What you can do with an Inedible Rendering licence 

Get an Inedible Rendering Licence to render (heat dry) inedible meat and offal into products that cannot be eaten by people to then sell.

PrimeSafe issues this licence under the Meat Industry Act 1993.

What you can’t do with an Inedible Rendering licence

You cannot:

You cannot transport meat or seafood (get a Meat Transport Vehicle licence).

Standards and guidelines that apply

Australian Standard for Rendering of Animal Products

Use this standard to process, store and transport rendered animal products for human consumption and pet food.