Wildcatch Licences

What you need to know about Wildcatch Seafood Harvesting licences.


  • A Wildcatch licence is needed to harvest seafood for human consumption.
  • There are three different wildcatch licences. The seafood species you harvest determines which licence you need.
  • You only need one of these wildcatch licences. Apply for the licence that covers the species of seafood that you want to harvest and sell.

What Wildcatch licence to get

You do not need a PrimeSafe licence to harvest and sell live:

  • fin fish
  • abalone
  • rock lobsters
  • yabbies.

You only need one licence when you harvest and preserve seafood under a Wildcatch licence.

Get a Crustaceans licence to harvest crustaceans. You can also harvest any other species with this licence.

Get a General licence to harvest anything EXCEPT abalone, crustaceans and noxious fish. 

Get a Noxious fish licence from PrimeSafe to harvest noxious fish only. You can’t harvest any other species with this licence.

With any of these Wildcatch licences you can:

  • process the seafood to preserve it so that it is safe to sell (including cooking prawns onboard)
  • sell seafood you have harvested from the vessel at the point of unloading.

With a Wildcatch licence you cannot:

Standards and guidelines that apply

Victorian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (VSQAP)

This manual covers the food standards for businesses harvesting bivalve shellfish for human consumption.