What We Do

Learn about PrimeSafe's role and functions.


  • PrimeSafe regulates the safe production and transportation of meat, poultry and seafood products, including pet food
  • We do this by issuing licences to meat and seafood businesses and supporting businesses to meet food safety standards 
  • We prosecute businesses that consistently fail to comply with their licences.

Our vision

Strong consumer confidence in the safety of Victoria’s meat, poultry and seafood through industry quality assurance.

Our mission

To advance and regulate food safety in Victorian meat, poultry, seafood and pet food industries through credible quality assurance systems and services that also support opportunities for industry growth and innovation.

Our functions

Our functions are listed in Section 44 of the Meat Industry Act 1993. They are:

  • to control and keep under review the standards of meat, poultry meat and game meat produced for consumption or sale within the state
  • to control and keep under review the standards of the construction and hygiene of plant and equipment in a meat processing facility
  • to control and keep under review the standards of construction, maintenance, cleanliness and hygiene of meat transport vehicles
  • to ensure that appropriately qualified persons are authorised as inspectors
  • to license meat processing facilities
  • to subject to the Regulations, to determine categories of licences
  • to approve quality assurance programs and to monitor the implementation of those programs
  • to in consultation with the Secretary of the Department of Health or a municipal council, to protect public health
  • to fix and charge fees in respect of the carrying out of any of its functions or the exercise of any of its powers
  • to carry out the functions conferred on the Authority by the Seafood Safety Act 2003 or the regulations made under that Act
  • to carry out any other function that is conferred on the Authority by the Meat Industry Act 1993 or the regulations or by any other Act or the regulations made under any other Act.


We may prosecute businesses who:

  • have breached their licence requirements
  • acted unlawfully, or,
  • acted without a licence.

You can read examples of prosecutions in PrimeSafe Prosecutions.


We host forums about food safety requirements. Speakers and participants can be from industry advisory bodies or other Government Departments. At these forums you can ask Primesafe staff complex questions about the subject.

Our past forums include:

  • Listeria Management
  • Dry-Ageing
  • Animal Welfare

To register your interest for our next forum Contact Us.

Meat Industry Communications Committee (MICC)

The MICC helps Meat Processing Facilities with:

  • meeting the Victorian Meat Industry Act, 1993
  • meeting the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code
  • meeting other prescribed Australian and Victorian Standards for food safety and animal welfare
  • finding effective ways to manage food safety
  • improving consumer confidence
  • growing sales