Australian Food Group Pty Ltd

Australian Food Group Pty Ltd face charges alleging breaches of the Meat Industry Act.

31 October 2023
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PrimeSafe has charged the Australian Food Group Pty Ltd based in Laverton North with two counts of breaching the Meat Industry Act 1993 after completing an investigation into its handling of pigs.

PrimeSafe’s investigation – involving hundreds of hours of video footage – considered compliance with the Meat Industry Act, the Meat Industry Regulations and the conditions on the operating licences of two Victorian abattoirs, including requirements relating to animal welfare.

In May 2023, the Australian Food Group Pty Ltd advised PrimeSafe that it intended to cancel its licence to operate as an abattoir.

“PrimeSafe has concluded a comprehensive investigation into the handling of pigs at a meat processing facility at Laverton North. As a result of this investigation, it alleges that Australian Food Group Pty Ltd has breached the Meat Industry Act 1993,” Mr Coffey said.

PrimeSafe has also completed an investigation into the treatment of pigs at an abattoir in Benalla. As a consequence of its findings, PrimeSafe has required CA Sinclair Pty Ltd to implement changes to its work practices and equipment use to facilitate effective monitoring of animal handling, including the installation of CCTV.

“PrimeSafe acknowledges the constructive way the business involved has engaged throughout the investigation,” Mr Coffey said.

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