Under the Meat Industry Act 1993, all meat processing facilities in Victoria require a licence issued by PrimeSafe in order to operate.

Meat production licence categories

What if I want to sell at a farmers' market?

At present, there is no licence category that permits the roadside sale of fresh meat and meat products from a vehicle or purpose built mobile facility. Local councils are responsible for the regulatory management of farmers’ markets and roadside in Victoria. Your business may need a PrimeSafe Meat Transport Vehicle licence.

Farmers’ markets information

What is a food safety program?

As a condition of your PrimeSafe licence, you are required to implement a food safety program for your facility.

Food safety program information

How do I renew my licence?

Your PrimeSafe licence must be renewed each year to ensure that it remains current. Significant penalties may apply to those who operate without a licence.

How to renew your licence

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