Alternative Techniques and New Technologies

Learn about using alternative techniques and technologies to produce safe food.


  • You can use alternative methods from those outlined in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and the various Australian and Victorian standards to produce food if you get approval from PrimeSafe. 
  • To get approval you need to show that safety levels match or exceed standard requirements.

Both the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and various Victorian food standards allow you to use alternative techniques in meat and poultry production but the safety level of the food must be the same as, or better than, the standard.

Examples of alternative techniques are:

  • different cooking, cooling, and curing methods like cold smoking
  • complex processes like dry ageing, sous vide, and high-pressure processing.

You need to get alternative methods for processing, construction and equipment approved by PrimeSafe.

Getting approval to use an alternative technique

These are the steps to get approval to use a different technique.

Outlines the 5 steps to get approval to an alternative technique.

Include in your proposal:

  • a detailed explanation of the new idea, including what standard and parts of the standards it relates to
  • proof that the new idea works just as well as the usual method and that the food you have produced is safe
  • a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan. 

Your HACCP plan needs to include:

  • how you will check that the food safety level is the same or better than what’s in the standards
  • the steps you will take to make sure the new method stays safe over time.

Learn more about HACCP plans at Guide to the Implementation and Auditing of HACCP.

How to prove that food is safe

Provide us with test results from microbiological testing to show that your new method meets the same standards as the old way. This is called validation. We will compare the results of your testing with both methods to see if they match up.

When testing is not possible, you can use verification to prove the food will be safe. Provide us with information from a recognised scientific source that has already validated the technique to confirm that the new method works well. 

These are the steps to verify the alternative technique. 

Outlines the 3 steps to verify the alternative technique to prove food is safe.

Once approved, you will need to keep records to show that you are continuing to use the new method properly.