Ministerial Statement of Expectations

Learn about PrimeSafe's Ministerial Statement of Expectations and our response.


  • The Minister for Agriculture provided a Ministerial Statement of Expectations to guide PrimeSafe.
  • It sets out priorities and actions the Government wants PrimeSafe to focus on.
  • The PrimeSafe Board responded back to the Government about the work PrimeSafe is doing.

The Ministerial Statement of expectation sets out the Governments priorities for PrimeSafe.

These are:

  1. risk based regulation and food safety culture
  2. regulatory responsiveness
  3. supporting system wide improvement.

There are actions described for each of these priorities that PrimeSafe must take.

To learn about the priorities and actions go to the Ministerial Statement of Expectations.

PrimeSafe responded to the Ministerial Statement of Expectations. The Board highlighted the work PrimeSafe is doing to meet the Government’s expectation.

‘It is our intention that the strategic plan will focus on how PrimeSafe can minimise regulatory burden to industry within our current regulatory environment, while maintaining the food safety standards Victorians expect.’ Board response to Ministerial Statement of Expectations.

Read the full Board response at PrimeSafe’s response to Ministerial Statement of Expectations.