Survey of Licensee Information Preferences 2020

PrimeSafe is seeking to enhance communication with licensees and has contracted Wallis Market and Social Research to conduct an independent phone survey to determine your preferences.

The survey will guide PrimeSafe in the content and delivery of information it provides to you.

Wallis Market and Social Research will randomly select licensees and may contact you over the next two to three weeks to participate in a phone interview.

The survey will identify how PrimeSafe can enhance assistance and advice to licensees and should take around 10 to 15 minutes.

The information you provide will help PrimeSafe to align information and support services with your needs and identify opportunities where we can do more.

If you want to discuss specific issues that are not part of the survey, please tell Wallis Market and Social Research and provide your name and phone number so that PrimeSafe can contact you.

All the information you provide is confidential. PrimeSafe and its consultants abide by the relevant privacy legislation. Participants will not be identified in summary data reported to PrimeSafe.

If you have any questions about the survey, please phone PrimeSafe on (03) 9685 7333 or email

As the project is designed to be statistically representative and participants are randomly selected by Wallis Market and Social Research, you are not able nominate yourself to be interviewed for this survey.

Thank you in antipcation for participating in this important PrimeSafe survey.