PrimeSafe Office Closure for MTV inspections and paper applications

The PrimeSafe office is not open for MTV inspections and paper applications until further notice due to COVID-19 social distancing directions.

During COVID19 Stage 3 restrictions all licence applications must be submitted online from the website and that MTV inspections for compliance will be conducted virtually or by a Third Party Auditing Body.

For virtual inspections, please send clear photos and/or videos of the vehicle to The photos and/or videos must show the registration of the vehicle to be licensed. 

New vehicles constructed by PrimeSafe accredited bodybuilders do not require an inspection, however will need to provide a copy of the certificate of compliance from the body builder in order to obtain a PrimeSafe licence as per current process. More information on this process can be found here

Renewing MTVs

Letters to renew 30 June 2020 expiring meat transport vehicles will be sent out soon. PrimeSafe will not be inspecting renewing vehicles at the office or regional inspection sites. Renewing vehicles will not require an inspection. PrimeSafe may contact licensees in future to conduct an inspection. If a licensee wishes to have their vehicle inspected, the inspection can be conducted virtually (as per above instructions) or by a Third Party Auditing Body.

To receive a renewed licence valid to 30 June 2021, licensees must return their completed form to PrimeSafe and pay the full fees.

During COVID-19 Stage 3, PrimeSafe will no longer accept cash payments. PrimeSafe accepts credit card (in person and over the phone), cheque and money order.