Improve your food safety

Food safety culture is a set of values, attitudes and practices that is shared by everyone in a business to produce food in the safest possible manner.

PrimeSafe has developed a food safety culture model to help businesses improve their food safety level. Using it is voluntary and it will not be audited. It can have many benefits for your business including:

  • better compliance with standards and regulatory requirements
  • more likely that food will always be safe and wholesome for consumption
  • fewer withdrawals and recalls of product
  • fewer corrective action from audits
  • no repeat audits.

The PrimeSafe food safety culture model includes a maturity matrix and a questionnaire which licensees can use to develop their own food safety culture program. This program can run parallel with their food safety program or be included in it.

To see the Food Safety Culture Matrix click here 

To see the Food Safety Culture Questionnaire click here


As part of the food safety culture consultation process PrimeSafe is now undertaking a survey for PrimeSafe licensees and auditors so that food safety culture tools (factsheets and PrimeNote) and projects can be developed to assist licensees.

To complete the Survey click here 

Businesses can also register their interest in taking part in a food safety culture project with PrimeSafe to improve the food safety culture within their business.