Harvesting Kangaroo for Human Consumption

From 28 January 2021, kangaroo can be harvested in Victoria for human consumption, provided it is processed at PrimeSafe licensed game meat processing facility. Kangaroo that is not processed at a game meat processing facility must be processed for pet food at a pet meat processing facility. Any meat that is not processed at either a game meat processing facility or a pet food processing facility, cannot be sold.

For the harvested game meat to be passed as fit for human consumption, it must comply with AS4464:2007 Australian Standard for Hygienic Production of Wild Game for Human Consumption. For further information on PrimeSafe game meat harvest licence types, application process and fees click here or contact PrimeSafe on 9685 7333 or by email on

For information regarding the kangaroo harvesting program, please email or contact 136186