A PrimeSafe aquaculture licence is required for seafood businesses that grow and harvest (catch) seafood for human consumption.

An aquaculture business requires only one licence where all product harvested is from one location.

Aquaculture licences are categorised according to the species harvested. Where a business harvests various species, the higher order of species as defined below determines the licence category.

  1. Abalone
  2. Blue mussels and other shell fish
  3. Fin fish (including trout and yabbies)

Processing is permitted but must be limited to the minimum required to preserve and maintain the seafood in a condition fit for sale.

Aquaculture licensees are permitted to sell harvested seafood from a vessel at the point of unloading.

Apply now

There are three ways to apply for a PrimeSafe licence:

  1. Fill out the application form in the PrimeSafe Licensee Portal by following the instructions in the How to use the Licensee Portal link below; or
  2. Download the application form, print, scan and email it to; or
  3. Fill in the form at the PrimeSafe office.