Smallgoods are defined as ready-to-eat meat products or meat products that are heat treated and undergo a cooling process (e.g. ham).

The packaging and repackaging of smallgoods and ready-to-eat meat products is considered a smallgoods process.  Accordingly, businesses conducting these activities are subject to the same provisions applicable to facilities that manufacture smallgoods.

Fresh sausages are not considered smallgoods.

Any facility that manufactures smallgoods must hold a PrimeSafe licence. A facility that manufactures smallgoods where the smallgoods are consumed at the same facility (i.e. restaurant) is exempt from holding a PrimeSafe licence.  

If you have ceased manufacturing smallgoods, you will need to notify PrimeSafe in writing. You will still be required to maintain the same audit schedule until the expiry of the licence period even though you have advised PrimeSafe that you are no longer manufacturing smallgoods.

It is important that you also indicate in the relevant section of your licence renewal form that you have ceased manufacturing smallgoods. PrimeSafe uses this information to determine the audit frequency of your business. Once it has been confirmed that you are no longer manufacturing smallgoods, your facility will be subject to an audit every six months from the commencement of the new licence period.