Prime Tallow Processing Facility fees and charges

Under the Meat Industry Act 1993, PrimeSafe has the function and power to fix and charge fees.

PrimeSafe follows the Department of Treasury and Finance’s guideline for setting fees and charges. PrimeSafe applies the same indexation of fees to those applicable to the remainder of the Government sector each year.

All new licence applications must include an application and annual fee.

The annual fee for a prime tallow processing facility licence is calculated on a pro-rata basis.

The current fees for a prime tallow processing facility licence are:

  • $1,786 - Application fee
  • $3,572 - Annual fee

All PrimeSafe fees are GST exempt therefore a tax invoice will not be provided following receipt of payment.

Fee Calculator

To determine the total fee payable for a prime tallow processing facility licence, use the fee calculator below.