Game Meat Processing standards and guidelines

PrimeSafe licence conditions require all meat processing facilities to comply with relevant Australian and Victorian standards, and guidelines.

The relevant standard and guideline for a game meat processing facility are as follows:

Australian Standard for the Hygienic Production of Wild Game Meat for Human Consumption (AS 4464:2007)

A Guide to the Implementation and Auditing of HACCP

PrimeSafe has released a Game Meat Harvesting Guideline which should be referred to before applying for a licence.

Game meat field harvesters must complete the PrimeSafe Game Meat Harvest Declaration form and this form must accompany each consignment of harvested game carcasses. Game meat processing facilities and pet meat processing plants must retain this completed document for each consignment for a minimum of 3 years.

Licence Endorsement for Additional Species

A game processing facility seeking to slaughter additional animals must first apply to PrimeSafe for an endorsement on their licence. The request must be in writing and include:

  • The additional animal species to be slaughtered;
  • Written verification from your third party auditor stating that the quality assurance arrangements at your facility cover all new procedures for the slaughter of the additional species; and
  • An application for the approval of a brand (if applicable).

PrimeSafe will conduct an inspection of your facility to establish compliance with the relevant standard. Where your facility complies with the relevant standard, you will be granted approval to slaughter the additional species and issued a new licence certificate.