Food safety program for Meat Processing licences

As a condition of your licence, you are required to implement a food safety program for your facility.

The food safety program will ensure that company management assumes responsibility for the control of the production of safe food. Experience in quality assurance would be necessary to develop a food safety program.

Program components

The food safety program must be based on the principles of a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan. A HACCP based food safety program must consist of the following components:

  • Organisational chart;
  • Cleaning program;
  • Maintenance program;
  • Pest control program;
  • Training program;
  • Calibration program;
  • Traceability program;
  • Recall program;
  • Management review;
  • Internal review; and
  • HACCP plan to identify, evaluate and control hazards that are significant for food safety.

Scheduled Audits

An initial audit of your food safety program must be conducted by your third party auditor within seven days of commencing operations.

Where a food safety program has not been implemented at the initial audit, audits must continue weekly until the third party auditor is satisfied that an appropriate food safety program is in place at the facility.

In the event that a food safety program has not been implemented after 60 days from commencing operations, audits will continue twice weekly (maximum of two weeks). Where a food safety program has not been implemented after this time, the facility will be prohibited from operating until PrimeSafe is satisfied that an appropriate food safety program is in place at the facility. 

Following implementation of your food safety program, an audit is required at regular intervals as indicated in the table below.

Licence category Scheduled audit interval
Game Meat Processing Facility (harvest vehicle and field depots) Annual

Game Meat Processing Facility (premises)
Pet Meat Processing Facility
Poultry Processing Facility

Every three months (quarterly)

Further Meat Processing Facility1
Retail Butcher Shop1
Prime Tallow Processing Facility
Inedible Rendering Facility
Pet Food Establishment

Every six months (biannually)

1 Further Meat Processing Facilities and Retail Butcher Shops that manufacture smallgoods will require an audit every three months (quarterly).

Any business that can clearly demonstrate a capacity to effectively self-manage their quality assurance program or is ISO accredited can apply for a reduction in scheduled audits.

Reduce your scheduled audits

PrimeSafe provided food safety programs and forms

PrimeSafe can provide food safety programs for licensed meat transport vehicles and game meat harvest vehicles. Food safety programs will be provided with the licence.

Game meat field harvesters must also complete the game meat harvest traceability declaration form. Harvesters can download and print copies of the declaration (PDF file) on this page.

Game Meat Harvest Declaration