Farmers’ markets

Local councils are responsible for the regulatory management of farmers’ markets in Victoria.

If you are interested in selling meat (including poultry) at a farmers’ market, you will need to obtain a registration or permit from your local council.

What are the requirements for selling meat at farmers' markets?

Meat sold at a farmers’ market must be:

  • Processed, packaged, labelled at and transported from a PrimeSafe licensed meat processing facility or at a facility licensed under another State or Territory; and
  • Stored and sealed in a robust, leak proof container.

How do I safely and legally transport meat and meat products?

A PrimeSafe licensed meat transport vehicle must be used to transport meat and meat products for human consumption in Victoria. However, vehicles other than PrimeSafe licensed meat transport vehicles can be used to transport meat and meat products to a farmers’ market provided that the meat and meat products meet the conditions above.

Where any of the above conditions are not met, meat must be transported in a PrimeSafe licensed meat transport vehicle.

How do I get further information?

The activities conducted at farmers’ markets are the responsibility of local councils to administer under the Food Act 1984.

For more information regarding farmers’ markets, please contact your local council or visit the Foodtrader website.