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General Enquiries

These are general questions regarding licensing requirements (new or existing licensees), clarification or interpretation of Standards, legislation and guidelines and general food safety information. 

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Complex Enquiries

These are complex questions regarding food safety issues, food safety programs, alternative processes, construction requirements and auditing functions. These queries may be resolved in a timely manner without requiring a fee for the response. For the more complex query that requires a review or audit of a food safety program, a process or a premises, a fee for service will be recommended. Information and Support Services Team can assist prospective and current licensees to ensure that they comply with State and National legislations.

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Fee for Service

PrimeSafe provides an Information and Support fee for service for the purpose of assisting prospective and current licensees on audit of food safety programs and construction requirements of facilities.

The service does not apply to existing licensees when under a compliance or enforcement action.

Audit function

This service may include:

  • Audit of a business specific documented food safety program to ensure compliance with relevant standards.
  • Audit of the activities and records of the specific food business to assess compliance with the relevant Standards and food safety program.

Review function

This service may include:

  • Analysis and advice about the suitability of design and construction of facilities prior to a physical licensing construction compliance inspection.
  • Review and advice about the interpretation of Standards and design of food safety program for business specific applications for new procedures or products.
  • Recommendations about business specific options to achieve compliance with the relevant Standard
  • Interpretation of Standards for business specific activities, such as complex processing or manufacture of high risk products.
  • Advice on product or process design to meet the compliance requirements of the relevant Standard, including alternative procedures and equivalence validation.