Fact Sheets & Forums

Fact Sheets & Forums

Fact Sheets

Technical information provided by PrimeSafe in an easy to understand guideline. Fact sheets are written to address complex issues, procedures and processes to ensure compliance with Standards and Regulations.

PrimeSafe Processing Minced Meat Guideline

PrimeSafe Meat Transport Vehicles (English)

PrimeSafe Meat Transport Vehicles (Chinese Simplified)

PrimeSafe Meat Transport Vehicles (Vietnamese)

PrimeSafe Meat Transport Vehicles (Arabic)

PrimeSafe Allergens Fact Sheet

PrimeSafe Cleaning & Sanitation Fact Sheet

PrimeSafe Good Manufacturing Practices Fact Sheet

PrimeSafe Food Safety VFA Small Sales Permit Holders Fact Sheet

PrimeSafe Starting New Business Fact Sheet

PrimeSafe Vehicle based abattoir Fact Sheet

PrimeSafe Meat and Seafood Home Delivery Guideline

PrimeSafe Pet Meat Requirements Fact Sheet 


PrimeSafe hosts forums to allow licensees and auditors to have a better understanding of the food safety requirements for meat, seafood, poultry and pet meat. Speakers and participants may also include, contractors, industry advisory bodies and other Government Departments. Forums allow licensees to interact with PrimeSafe staff and also provides opportunities to ask complex questions on the subject matter.   

Hosted forums include:

  • Listeria Management
  • Dry-Ageing
  • Animal Welfare

To register your interest for the upcoming Forum, please email info@primesafe.vic.gov.au.

Meat Industry Communications Committee

The MICC is a forum for PrimeSafe to consult with industry stakeholders about technical information needs of Meat Processing Facilities to facilitate their demonstration of compliance with requirements for food safety and consistent with: 

  • The delivery of the objectives of the Victorian Meat Industry Act, 1993, the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, and other prescribed Australian and Victorian Standards for food safety and animal welfare, and;   
  • Encouraging effective and efficient approaches for the Victorian meat, poultry and pet food industries to manage food safety and enhance consumer confidence and market access.  

Summary of Tuesday 26 March 2019 MICC meeting

Summary of Friday 27 May 2021 MICC meeting